Nutech Biosciences, Inc.

NuTech Biosciences, Inc., a science based company located in Oneida, New York, that manufactures Amino Acid Chelated trace minerals (Glycinates) for the feed industry. NuTech has assembled an outstanding team of engineers, animal scientists, and nutritionists.

We look forward to being your supplier of chelated trace minerals and your advisor on their most effective use.

“Better Nutrition through Biotechnology” defines our company. The concept of biotechnology in nutrition is to understand the biology of an animal, the functioning of its biological systems, and the mechanisms of how they function. We apply the principles of engineering and technology to create Chelated Trace Minerals. They are designed to utilize the animals own biological process for the most efficient delivery of trace minerals into the animals system. More efficient delivery of the correct minerals in the proper ratios means healthier, more productive animals with greater longevity.


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