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NuTech Biosciences, Inc.

A science based company based out of Oneida, New York, that manufactures amino acid chelated trace minerals (Glycinates) for the animal feed industry, including beef cattle, dairy cows, pig, poultry, and shrimp.




Better Nutrition Through Biotechnology

About us

#1 Choice of Chelated Trace Minerals

NuTech has assembled an outstanding team of engineers, animal scientists, and nutritionists. We are working hard to bring better nutrition through biotechnologies. 

Increase Production

Increase the production and profitability of your farm through better nutrition engineered for the breed.

We Use Science to Create Better Feed

NuTech is at the cutting edge of biosciences, creating patented products that ensure a premium return on investment.

Better Nutrition Through chelated trace minerals

“Better Nutrition through Biotechnology” defines our company. The concept of biotechnology in nutrition is to understand the biology of an animal, the functioning of its biological systems, and the mechanisms of how they function."

Trace Mineral Nutrition

Amino acid complexes, proteinates, organic acid chelates and polysaccharide complexes can lose integrity during digestion becoming unstable which compromises availability.

Improve Gut Health

Our products help promote improved gut health for your herd.

Increase Mineral Nutrition

Our products help promote increased mineral nutrition and overall health for your herd.

Improve Feed Efficiency

Our products help improve feed efficiency, saving you money and a better return on your investment.

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