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A Case for Anionic Salt Program For Dry Cows:

Dairy farmers can improve long term milk production by having a well-managed program for dry cows during the last 3 weeks before calving. In herds with high incidence of metabolic disorders, anionic salts may be  a key to reducing milk fever, retained placentas and abomasal displacements. Cows with proper body condition and with low incidence of milk fever and ketosis, an additional 500 to 1000 pounds of milk may be gained. A smooth transition from the dry period into lactation is critical in achieving high peak milk production. At calving, a cow producing 20 to 25 pounds of colostrums loses 23 grams of calcium in a single milking, or about nine times the amount in her entire plasma calcium pool. Two-thirds of all mature cows are estimated to be hypocalcemic at calving. Drop in blood calcium levels leads to lower abomasal motility by 30 and 70 percent. Reduced abomasal motility from low blood calcium lowers feed intake and displaces the abomasum. The use of anionic salts provides an option to producers with limited access to forage with low potassium or calcium levels.

MaxiChlor: The Next Generation Anionic Supplement

MaxiChlor is designed to contain Chloride, Sulfur based chelated protein hydrolysates which are based on vegetable/cereal proteins  using their state of the art fermentation technology. Nutech Biosciences, Inc in association with its partner came up with unique way of bringing highly available and palatable source of chloride and sulfur to dry cow diets.

The Manufacturing Process: It involves variety of cereal and protein products in the beginning of enzymatic process, the process that separates indigestible fiber and other un-wanted and un-dissolved materials. The cocktail of protein sources are treated with the bio-enzymes to separate insoluble carbohydrates. The next step is partial hydrolysis with Bio-Enzymes and then treated with Cholrine or Sulfur gas to manufacture chlorides based chelated protein hydrolysates in water soluble liquid form. This liquid formulation is dried at high temperature without affecting its original profile using the state of the art sophisticated spray dryer to manufacture free flowing and readily absorbable and water soluble Chloride or Sulfur based chelated protein hydrolysates.

Calcium Lactate in MaxiChlor: Calcium is vital in dry cow nutrition, availability of  calcium from forages and inorganic sources is always questionable. MaxiChlor is designed to have good levels of calcium from Calcium Lactate, so that calcium is there at very important time of cow’s life.