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Mineralate-Cu (Copper Amino Acid Chelate):

Copper is an essential mineral which serves as co-factor in many enzymes

Copper containing enzymes (ceruloplasmin and superoxide dismutase) linked in physiologic and metabolic functions.

Copper deficiency lowers the immune response and can make animals more susceptible to disease.

Copper bioavailability may be reduced when dietary sulfur, molybdenum, zinc or iron are high.

Relative bioavailabiliy estimate of organic Cu sources ranged from 88 to 147% of the response to copper sulfate in poultry, swine, sheep and cattle.

Improvements in the digestibility of proteins and retention of nitrogen reported in young pigs fed diet containing added Cu.

Copper Glycinate is 100% water soluble and copper is attached to single amino acid, simple and small in structure for better absorption and bioavailability.