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Mineralate-Mg (Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate)

Magnesium  is an activator of many metabolic enzymes. These enzymes control reactions that range from the breakdown of glucose for energy to replication of DNA, which is necessary for cell division. The most common problem associated with magnesium deficiency is a condition know as grass tetany. Observed most frequently in the early spring, grass tetany results from the consumption of lush forage, which has low levels of magnesium. The apparent depression in magnesium levels results from the high water content of growing plants. Symptoms include frequent urination, erratic behavior, and convulsions. If untreated, death can occur within several hours.

Inorganic magnesium sources (magnesium oxide) not only unpalatable, but the availability also highly questionable.

Magnesium regulates and maintains:

  • Enzyme activity, enabling thousands of bio-chemical processes
  • Energy production and  ATP, the energy storage unit of the body’s cells
  • Mineral balance, necessary to maintain cell life.