NuCADProduct Description
NuCAD is formulated to have inorganic potassi­um source and an organic potassium amino acid complex. The purpose of this formulation is to have a higher levels of cations. Due to ingredient selection, such as of potassium sulfate (higher soluble and has better handling characteris­tics), the formulation ended up with significant amounts of sulfur (milder anion). Nutritionists, while balancing rations has to take consideration of sulfur levels in NuCAD.
Potassium is a nutrient critical for the health and performance of lactating dairy cows. Large amounts of Potassium are lost through milk pro­duction, so cows need supplemental potassium just to meet daily maintenance requirements. Potassium is also in high concentration in sweat, requiring even higher dietary levels during heat stress conditions to mitigate losses from sweat­ing, panting, and urination. Newer research shows Potassium reverse the negative affects of milk fat depression.
Typical Analysis:
Potassium (K) Min. 40%
Sulfur (S) Min. 15%
Active Ingredients:
Potassium Sulfate,
Potassium Amino Acid Complex
Feeding Directions:
Use NuCAD to supplement diets with potassium and sulfur to meet the animals nutritional requirements, including proper dietary Cation/ Anion difference.
Dairy: Typically 4-6 ounces per cow per day is recommended during early lactation period
Consult your Nutritionist for proper balancing of dietary cation and anion balance.